Individual Services

One on One Consultation

At an initial visit, Sandy will conduct a detailed diet history to discuss eating habits, life schedule, previous diets, medical history and food likes/dislikes. Based on the diet history, Sandy creates an eating plan with sample menus. Emphasis is placed on the positives, discussing foods that should be included rather than stressing foods to avoid.

Discounted three month weight management program

During these three months of bi-weekly visits, clients learn about:

Distributing carbohydrates, protein and fat
Exercise – what kind and how much
How to make good food choices when pressed for time
Managing vacations and holidays
What to select at restaurants
Interpreting food labels
Selecting healthy recipes that are quick and easy
And much, much more

Metabolism Testing

The only way to know just how many calories your body needs is through metabolism testing. ReeVueâ„¢ measures the oxygen that the body consumes. Using this measurement, the test provides clients with their resting metabolic rate (RMR). The RMR is the number of calories one utilizes in a 24 hour period at rest. This number is used to show you exactly how many calories are needed to maintain your weight or even lose weight! This test, which takes ten minutes in the office, is extremely helpful for athletes, individuals who exercise regularly, or those ready to embark on an exercise program. It has been shown to be invaluable as well for those who feel like they know how much they should eat but can’t seem to lose weight.

Online Weight Loss Coaching

Sandy offers weight loss coaching to anyone in the United States with the convenience of online coaching. Call 561.371.5105 for more information.